How to become a safer driver

Although driving a car is more or less easy depending on each person’s abilities, not everyone can claim to be a good driver. This concept goes beyond the simple handling of a car since the basic driving actions, such as starting, parking, or changing gears, are internalized with practice. 

However, to know how to be a good driver, you have to have a series of habits focused on avoiding accidents and respecting other drivers. In addition, being a good driver will also help us avoid the dreaded traffic fines. 

8 Ways to Become a Safe Driver in 2021

When driving on public roads, it is very noticeable that most of the people driving along with us do not have the necessary training to operate a vehicle. Nevertheless, we need to share the spaces with every one of them.

Fortunately, we have a series of simple tips that require more than anything but a change in behavior to become better drivers and make our transfers safe for all users.

Tip # 1: obey traffic laws.

It should be a no-brainer; however, we see most people do not follow this advice all the time. When traveling, try to research the traffic laws of an unfamiliar area or brush up on the laws of its commonly traveled roads. By having a complete understanding of the traffic laws during your trip, you can make the road safer.

Tip # 2: Keep your car safe and use car cameras.

While understanding the traffic rules of the roads you travel is very important, so is operating a vehicle in proper condition. Make sure you have enough amount of tire tread that will help in hazardous weather conditions. Snow, rain, or ice can cause unsafe conditions when driving with tires with minimal tread.

Another tip is to make sure all the running lights are working correctly. Headlights will help make the road you are traveling on visible. When traveling at night or in weather conditions that may cause visibility to be limited, lights can improve the situation. Ensuring the vehicle’s taillights and brake lights are working is also helpful. It will help other drivers know that you are getting into your pedal break to slow down so they can react accordingly. These are just a few items to check the safety of the appropriate vehicle.

You can also install car cameras to monitor your progress.

Tip # 3: Defensive Driving Practice.

Practicing defensive driving tactics is one more way to become a safe driver in 2021. Several private schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations offer courses that can improve your driving skills. These courses can help upgrade your driving skills in a variety of areas. Defensive driving will help you learn ways to anticipate dangerous situations and mastery of the laws of the road also the basic mechanics of driving.

Tip # 4: Stop procrastination when traveling in bad weather.

Providing additional time when driving in bad weather conditions can help you achieve your goal of becoming a safe driver in 2021. By allowing sufficient time to reach your destination, you can eliminate the need to accelerate or drive aggressively, especially when conditions are not favorable. Adding more travel time can help a lot with traffic jams, road accidents, or inclement weather.

Tip # 5: Wear your seat belt.

Seat belts in cars protect your life. Safely strapping yourself in with the seat will help keep you safe on uncontrollable occasions, like in an accident. 

When the car is in an accident, the body will continue to travel at the previous speed unless appropriately tied, especially at high speeds. The use of a seat belt can decrease the risk of passing through the vehicle cabin in the event of an accident.

Tip # 6: Don’t speed up.

Every road you travel has a specific speed limit to make driving safe for all users. These limits are generally posted on signs located near the sides of the road, sometimes also including maximum speed limits, minimum speed limits, night speed limits, or even truck speed limits. Traveling below the maximum speed limit improves your chances of reaching your destination safely since you are driving within the traffic safety rules for those roads. 

Always be aware of speed limits, as in some cases, speed limits can change, even when you are on the same street. For example, some roads may have a speed limit of 40 miles per hour in one section and 30 miles per hour in another section. It is commonly seen on roads near schools as it helps increase the safety of the area where students are walking and crossing streets.

Tip # 7: Don’t drink and drive.

“Stay alive, and don’t drink and drive” “Drive sober or get duped along” are some of the advertisements and slogans that the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses. Driving while intoxicated can alter a person’s judgment, potentially leading to an accident, eventually being fatal. Choosing not to drive after falling into alcoholic beverages will help keep the roads safer. There are various other options besides having a person with disabilities get behind the wheel.

Tip # 8: Don’t get distracted while driving.

Modern society requires us to stay in connection at all times, and most people have a lot to do, even when they leave the workplace. However, distractions at the wheel are one of the leading causes of accidents among the population.

It is crucial not to fall into distractions while driving, such as making calls or sending messages. Still, if they are unavoidable, there will always be a connectivity alternative available for our car.

In this way, we can be alert to any situation that may compromise our security and other users who may be under the same pressure.


That concludes our article on how to become a safe driver in 2021. These tips can improve the number of safe drivers on the road and help reduce the likelihood of an accident. Observing traffic laws and preparing for the trip can keep the streets safe.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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