6 Tips for Selling Your Car Privately

Selling your car privately can be exhausting if you do not have the right approach and strategies to make this process hassle-free.  On the brighter side, choosing to sell your car privately is a pathway to ensuring you get the most money for your used car without relying on a third party. Here, we look at six tips for selling your car privately.

  1. Know your car’s value

You are never ready to sell your used car until you have it professionally evaluated to get an estimated sale price. Remember to check the current market price that other private sellers in your area are asking for similar car models, factoring in the year of manufacturer and current mileage. An excellent way to save money on this process is to opt for instant car buying valuations from reputable companies.

  1. Beware of fraudulent buyers

Your safety should be a priority when selling a car privately, and to avoid fraudulent buyers, you should:

  • Avoid meeting or driving buyers to unknown locations
  • Discredit potential buyers who want to negotiate over the phone or email
  • Have a friend or family member with you when meeting a buyer or taking them for a test drive
  • Never handover the key until payments have been reflected on your account

It is advisable to sell your car to reputable companies like cash for cars San Bernardino to eliminate the risks associated with selling your car privately. 

  1. Have all the necessary paperwork ready

It is vital to collect all the necessary paperwork before putting up your used car for sale. Some of the documents you will need to ensure you effortlessly close a sale include:

Note: Never let potential buyers make copies or take photos of these documents, as these should only be handed over once you complete a sale.

  1. Make a great first impressions

Your car’s condition will be a make-or-break factor for most buyers, and you need to capitalize on this. Ensure your automobile is depersonalized and looks cared for by giving it a thorough interior and exterior cleaning before showing it to potential buyers. If you have the budget, a few cheap fixes and waxing will go a long way in making your car extra attractive.

  1. Be ready to market your car

Are you out to sell one of the luxury cars that hold value over the years or a family-friendly wagon that has been lightly used over the years? You need to be prepared to determine the best selling point for your car and use it to your advantage. However, in doing this, you should remember to:

  •  Craft a good description of your car without going overboard
  •  Remember, a car’s odometer is not the only determinant of your automobile’s price
  • Take high quality pictures that show the entire vehicle
  1. Learn how to negotiate

Are you selling your used car to upgrade to an affordable but cool sports vehicle or get out of your current financial problems? Regardless of your end goal, you must be prepared to negotiate with buyers when selling a used car. A great strategy is to set a higher price than what you want to provide room for negotiations.


The decision to privately sell your car comes with its unique challenges, and these tips will help make this process simpler.

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