Fast And Furious: 5 Dangers Of Speeding

Going beyond the speed limit may be tempting on days when you have to hurry to your destination. The reason could be because you’re running late for work or an appointment. Another reason could be because you don’t realize you are already driving too fast. And on the other hand, some intentionally speed up just because they enjoy it.  

But as drivers, it’s your utmost responsibility to drive safely. And bear in mind that safe driving isn’t just about cruising within the speed limit; it also concerns your consciousness in assessing the condition of the road and adjusting if necessary.  

For the record, 33% of all fatal automobile crashes are caused by speeding, ranking third among the top reasons for automobile crashes. In America alone, there are over 10,000 cases of fatal vehicular crashes caused by speeding. 

So whatever the reason is, exceeding the speed limit could be extremely dangerous, and here are the reasons why:

  • Increased Risk Of Accidents

When you’re driving too fast, you’ll most likely have a lesser reaction time to avoid hazards on the road. Chances are if you’ve noticed the danger, you’re already too close to it. It’s because vehicles that move at higher speed cover more ground in a lesser amount of time than vehicles that move slower.  

For example, the design of the road you’re taking has a curve. If you’re exceeding the speed limit, you won’t have enough time to steer your wheel to slow down and turn. Another example is when there are pedestrians who plan to cross the road. If you’re too fast, you might not make it in time to hit the brake the moment you see them. 

It’ll also be difficult for other drivers to adjust to your speed if you’re over the limit. They might misjudge your action and won’t be able to react immediately if you suddenly bolted.  

  • Severe Crashes

A vehicle that doubles its speed needs at least four times of braking distance. Vehicles don’t immediately stop after you step on their brakes, so the chance of hitting another vehicle is very likely. 

But how would it create a high-impact crash? In physics, extremely fast vehicles have more kinetic energy. Therefore, if it hits another object, it would have more impact and greater damage. This is dangerous to you and other people since absorbing impact beyond the body’s capacity would result in injury. 

Additionally, if the vehicle can’t handle too much speed, the effectiveness of installed protection equipment would lessen. So regardless of wearing a seatbelt or having an airbag, it might still not save you and other passengers if you’re exceeding the speed limit.

  • Change In Driving Behavior And Habits

Aside from the real-time dangers that accompany speeding, it might also cause some changes in driving behavior and habits. And this isn’t a good sign since drivers should always behave on the road; they should always become responsible drivers and abide by the traffic rules.  

One risky behavior of someone who’s used to speeding is weaving through traffic. If the driver sees that the road is nearly empty, they feel tempted to speed up. And this would become a habit if not prevented immediately. They might think it’s always okay to go beyond the limit just as long as they’re not causing an accident. 

Another risky behavior is not stopping at traffic lights. Whether the road is empty or not, drivers should always follow road signs, particularly traffic lights. Otherwise, those who follow it might become involved in your recklessness.  

  • Financial Implication

Exceeding the speed limit is an offense. As a licensed driver, you should know this beforehand. If caught, you’d be given a speeding ticket which can amount to hundreds of dollars. 

You might also pay for the damages if ever an accident occurs. If you’re caught speeding, here’s what you should do.

  • Possible Loss of License

Speed driving is against the law so there will be legal implications. One legal implication is the ticket you’ll receive when you’ve been caught. Aside from the fine, your license would also receive speeding violation points. And if you’ve violated three or more times in five years, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose your license. 

Safety Tips

To avoid speeding, you may use cruise control. This allows your vehicle to maintain a more consistent speed. 

You should also leave as early as possible, so you’ll arrive at your destination on time. You’ll never have the full guarantee of the traffic situation; thus, it’s better to allot more time in your travel.

Always be mindful of your surroundings and keep in mind the consequences of speeding. Remember that there are people who are waiting for you to get home safely. And that it’s always better to drive slowly, just as long as you reach your destination safe and sound.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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