Consider the rugged 4Runner if you are in the market for an SUV

If you are in the market for a new SUV, and your dream vehicle is an SUV, look no farther than the Toyota 4Runner.  The 4Runner not only allows for a comfortable ride in the city but it’s proven rugged body-on-frame construction and powertrain, making 4Runners real home off-road with over 35 years of toughness.

Another consideration for selecting your new vehicle is the auto insurance premium.  Like other SUVs, the 4runner can cost more to insure.  The average insurance cost for Toyota 4Runners can vary from state to state and the cost will also be based on your age and your driving record.  Other factors in the insurance rate will be where the age of the vehicle, where its located or housed, the age, safety ratings or crash test results for that year, safety features or anti-theft devices, and cost of the replacement parts or the cost for a total loss for that particular vehicle model and year.

Age can be an important factor

Your overall auto insurance premiums can be impacted by the age of your Toyota 4Runner or any SUV.  Since older SUVs will tend to be less expensive to insure than newer ones since the fair market value will be lower on an older SUV and the parts are cheaper to replace than on newer models.

Other important factors are:

  • The safety options for the year and model of the SUV. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performs safety tests every year
  • Rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive
  • 4wd or 2wd
  • The current SUV mileage
  • The fuel economy or fuel efficiency of the SUV
  • The SUV weight and the size of the cargo space

Your driving history can make a difference in your premium

When applying for auto insurance, the Insurance company will check your driving record.  This is one of the most important risk factors that is considered when you apply for auto insurance.  The insurance company wants to know how responsible you are behind the wheel.  Since every auto insurance company pulls data from the same database, your prior claims and driving violations will be available to every company.

You will be unable to hide any bad driving habits or previous accidents since you cannot get auto insurance without having your driving history checked.  Some companies will only check back 3 years while others may go back for a longer period of time.  It will also depend on your state department of insurance.

Generally, the auto insurance company will check your driving record when you are applying for a new insurance policy, or getting a new quote, and before renewing your existing policy.  But it may be checked when adding a new vehicle or removing an old vehicle.  Other factors are your marital status, employment status, location, credit history, and where your vehicle is being housed.

Once you get your insurance quote, go get that SUV you have always wanted

With the 4-wheel-drive system, the 4Runner can be equipped with a 2-speed transfer case with “crawl control”, for your off-road situations that requires you to maintain a steady, slow speed so you can control the steering.  With seating for up to seven thanks to the third row and large cargo space, the 4Runner will be great during family trips or proving everyone with lots of room while on the road.

4Runners have earned its reputation for being a virtually indestructible SUV along with one of the best picks for resale value, so don’t let the insurance costs stop you from enjoying a 4Runner.

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