A Brief Guide To Collecting Diecast Cars

Are you a novice or an avid fan of model toys? You might want to collect diecast cars but don’t know how to start. A diecast toy or diecast car is a car toy produced by metal casting or die casting method, in which a molten metal alloy is put into a mold under high pressure to create a product. Diecast cars are usually made of a zinc alloy. Many diecast manufacturers recreate full-size branded cars at a smaller scale, such as Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Rolls-Royce. 

So, where can collectors buy diecast cars, and how do you store and take care of them to preserve their quality? Read this brief guide to collecting diecast cars as your reference.  

Where To Buy 

Collecting diecast cars is a great hobby suitable for all ages. Experts carefully designed and curated them, highlighting the value of the most treasured car brand models. However, it isn’t easy to find a shop that sells high-quality collectible diecast vehicles nowadays because toy stores quickly disappear from the high street. You can buy diecast model cars through the following places: 

  • Dedicated Diecast Online Shops: Whether you’re looking for vintage cars, classic motors, sports cars, or service vehicles, dedicated online stores provide a wide selection at competitive prices. Collectors can buy diecast cars online, such as Darlington Diecast and other reputable companies. 
  • Resellers: You can also buy from resellers online in marketplaces and even on social media. Buy-and-sell diecast collectors deal with resellers because they’re able to choose their preferred scale of diecast cars, especially rare ones, at negotiable prices.  
  • Others: You can also buy diecast model cars at bargain prices in car boot sales, charity shops, and jumble sales. 

Tips On Buying Diecast Cars 

 Whether you’re into motorsports, vintage cars, or newer models, make sure to check out the following tips first before shopping: 

  • Choose The Size: The sizes of a diecast model car are expressed in scale proportions from the original car version, which range from 1:4 to 1:72. The higher the number, the smaller the car will be. Larger scales, such as 1:18, allow the diecast manufacturer to replicate many car details more accurately and intricately than smaller scales. 
  • Pick What You Love: Collecting any item comes with great passion because the satisfaction and experience are priceless. So, you might want to buy diecast cars that you love. They may even be the same brand or type, like sports cars or vintage cars.  
  • Buy From A Reputable Manufacturer: There are many collectible diecast cars for sale in the market. It pays off to research the reputation and customer service the diecast manufacturer offers to customers before shopping. This step will help you ensure that you only buy the highest quality and genuine diecast model cars to add to your collection.  
  • Keep The Original Packaging: If you plan to collect diecast cars as an investment, make sure to keep the original packaging as proof of authenticity and to preserve and even increase the car’s value in the future.   

Why Diecast Cars Are Expensive 

The most expensive diecast car models cost thousands and even millions of dollars. This is because manufacturers use rare earth metals to create premium quality diecast cars, such as carbon fibres, titanium, silver, and gold. In addition, the manufacturing processes are intricate and costly. 

How To Maintain And Store Diecast Cars 

If you’ve unboxed or opened your new diecast model cars, you’re probably wondering the best way to maintain and store your toy cars at home. Below are some diecast car maintenance and storage tips: 

  • Store your valued diecast cars at room temperatures regardless of whether you removed them from the original packaging or not. Your collection should be kept in a relatively dry environment. 
  • Dust your diecast car models regularly to prevent tarnishing. You can use anti-tarnish bags to keep them away from dust. 
  • Get yourself a detailing diecast car maintenance kit, including cleaning solutions, wax, and applicators. Apply wax on a diecast car once it’s removed from the packaging. You can also clean the interiors of a window seat coupe diecast using spray and compressed air. 
  • Get the appropriate display casing for your diecast cars, which allows you to display them nicely on a prefabricated case. Display cases come in different sizes. Some collectors custom build display cases for their diecast collection. 


Collecting diecast cars is a fun hobby for many people. You can make your diecast collection a worthy investment, a source of your pride, or a symbol of your self-fulfilment. Whatever diecast model car you want to add to your collection, make sure to apply the tips above to maintain, properly store, and buy the best ones.  

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