Staying Safe: Online Gambling

In the past three years, we’ve witnessed a meteoric rise within the online gambling and betting scene. The biggest catalyst for this recent increase is COVID-19 however, the ease of accessibility also plays a huge factor. The barrier for entry to these online casinos is minuscule and only requires a few things:

  • A device with access to the Internet (Mobile Phone, Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)
  • An account
  • A method to deposit and withdraw money (Back Account, PayPal, Crypto Wallet, etc.)

When looking at this list, most everyone already has two of the three things, and one must simply create and verify an account on the chosen website to instantly become involved. With the barrier for entry being low along with the unregulatable vastness of the internet, it’s a feeding ground for bad actors to attempt to take your money through fraudulent websites, viruses, and phishing.

Green Flags to Look For

Knowing the indicators of a safe and secure website to bet and gamble online is incredibly useful information. These are especially important to look for in regions outside the US and Europe, as regulations are not as strict. An example of a great gambling website outside of the US and Europe would be 22Bet Kenya as it meets all the criteria listed below. Here are some of the most important things to look for when choosing a website to gamble on:

  • A secured website
  • Licensed and Regulated
  • Good RTP
  • Positively Reviewed

So, going into further detail, a secured website is a website that meets the google standards of security. All websites that handle any kind of sensitive information must have SSL encryption for the protection of said information. To see whether or not the website in question is secure, look for ‘HTTPS’ in the domain name and most browsers will display a ‘lock’ to show it’s secure. If the domain name only has ‘HTTP’ it is not secure.

To see whether a website is licensed check the footer of the website as it will have information about the government authority responsible for licensing the website. To find information on who and what to look for check here.

Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of money returned to players. You can do an independent search online or check the information offered by the website to see the amount returned to players. If a site has an exceedingly low RTP <80%, that website should be avoided.

The last easily accessible green flag to look at is public review. Simply use google searches, or look around on social media such as Twitter, or Reddit to find out how others are enjoying the website. If the consensus is positive, it is likely a safe website.

Red Flags to Look For

Like the aforementioned point, knowing the indicators of an unsafe website can save you a whole lot of headaches. Here are some obvious things that indicate a website is unsafe:

  • Unsecured Website
  • Insane Promotions or Bonuses
  • Asking for more information than necessary

As mentioned before the first thing to check off your list is checking whether the website’s security meets Google’s standards. Most browsers will immediately warn you if a website isn’t secure however you can double-check by checking whether it uses SSL in the domain name.

Another red flag is offering too good to be true bonuses and promotions. If you see a website offering an insane amount of ‘free’ money on signup, it is likely a scam.

Lastly, asking for too much personal information. Remember, the barrier to partake in online gambling is low, and if you notice that a website asking specific personal questions on sign-up is likely trying to gain access to your other accounts on different websites. This is similar to a phishing attack and can just be just as subtle.

In conclusion, before you partake in any kind of online gambling, betting, or casinos, spend a few minutes doing your research to check the legitimacy of the website. Ten minutes of busywork beforehand can save you hours of headache in the future.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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