What Are Some Common Injuries Caused By Motorcycle Accidents?

According to the NHTSA, approximately 4,957 people died in motorcycle crashes in 2017. This equates to nearly thirteen fatalities per day! No one wants to be in a motorcycle accident as it can result in multiple injuries, most of which can be life-threatening.  It is, therefore, important to be aware of the dangers of motorcycle accidents and take steps to protect yourself from these common injuries.

The Common injuries from motorcycle accidents?

Open Fractures: Open bone fractures are just one of the several common motorcycle accident injuries that can occur if the rider is traveling at a high rate of speed. It’s essential to note that these types of injuries are considered “high energy” injuries because the force required for this type of injury is more than what happens in most car accidents. 

Skin abrasions and road rash: This can happen after the motorcycle rider falls off the bike and is dragged along the ground. It’s critical to note that road rash can be life-threatening if it strips off too much skin since it leaves open wounds exposed to germs and other problems. This can require immediate medical attention.

Cuts and scratches: These can be caused when the rider is thrown from the motorcycle and falls on top of the motorcycle or other objects. Again, cuts and scratches are considered” high energy” injuries because they require an extra amount of energy to cause the damage they do.

Dislocated joints: This is common in motorcycle accidents because these types of accidents have so much ‘impact’ associated with them, as compared to a car accident.

Traumatic brain injuries: The amount of force involved in motorcycle accidents is significantly higher, which can cause traumatic brain trauma or coma. 

Lung contusions: Motorcycle riders are at an elevated risk for lung contusion which causes symptoms like shortness of breath, tingling in the hands, chest pain, and even unconsciousness.

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

Despite the situation, your survival depends on not losing your cool. Your mindset should be to get through the next few minutes before help arrives. Be aware of any injuries you might have suffered. If you can, check yourself out and see what injuries you have sustained. If you are uncomfortable doing so, ask someone to look at you first before anything else happens. Ask other people around to call an ambulance if you are unable to do so yourself.  

It’s also important to call the police and insurance agents to give them the particulars of the accident that happened. Calling a Lawyer is always a good idea if you suspect someone else fully or partly was responsible, and you need to hold them responsible for the damage they caused. In such cases, it is vital to collect witness information and take pictures and videos of the scene to be later used as evidence


Motorcycle accidents are extremely risky since they often result in serious injuries, sometimes even death. Some common injuries from these accidents include broken bones, road rash, and head and brain injuries. Fortunately, wearing proper safety gear including a helmet can help reduce possible damage to your body, possibly saving your life.

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