Great F1 drivers who are passionate about poker

If you are a speed enthusiast, you will surely know names like Michael Schumacher, Robert Kubica… They are all legendary racers and rich athletes that have built huge fortunes with their success. But did you know, they are also poker enthusiasts? That’s the information that Gumball 3000 & Ignition casino will provide you right below.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is the most famous F1 driver in the history of speed racing and is the idol of many motorcyclists today. He used to participate in F1 racing for big companies like Jordan, and Ferrari. With his aggressiveness and great driving skills, he won many prestigious awards, becoming the most successful F1 driver of all time with a net worth exceeding $800 million. Even in the years that he didn’t race, Schumacher won $50 million a year from the endorsement. At the height of his career, he was paid a salary of 10 million dollars. At the peak of his career, he was once the highest-paid athlete in the world, not only that, all the products that are represented by the brand name Michael Schumacher are extremely loved by fans. Loved and sold out in an instant.

A very special thing that few people know, is that from a young age, Michael Schumacher had a special love for other sports. But perhaps his destiny chose racing. Therefore, up to this point, when he has won many prestigious awards and has a luxurious life with a record high salary, he shows his passion for gambling, especially poker. He spends his free time playing poker at charity events or tournaments with fellow F1 drivers just like him. Schumacher believes that poker helps him relax, and keep calm during competition.

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica is the second most successful player after Michael Schumacher, he is the most talented Polish athlete to reach the final round of the most prestigious race on the planet – the F1 race. After making a name for himself in small tournaments like Kart, and cycling races in Italy, he decided to join and train for Formula Junior. And here, he has successively achieved success thanks to his skill and professionalism. He is a great driver when consecutively winning prestigious awards and is a formidable opponent to all Formula 1 drivers in the world. Although Robert Kubica has never admitted that he is a good poker player, because to him he is a pro on the speed track, with poker he is just a novice, but that is just recognition. In his personal opinion, everyone who has seen him play poker or his fans have affirmed that he is the best poker player to come out of an F1 driver. Kubica was especially focused on playing poker around 2011 when he had a serious accident and had to take a short break from the race, but with a strong will, he turned to poker as a way to keep his mind clear and responsive.

Giancarlo Fisichella

He started his career at a young age, with his enthusiasm and passion for speed, he won the Guidonia Kart. Then, in order to further develop his buddy’s career, he entered the world’s biggest motorsport, the F1 race, where he gradually settled down and was recognized as one of the strongest drivers of all time. Besides, Giancarlo Fisichella also participates in professional poker tournaments at Melbourne’s Crown Casino in 2009 and is passionate about online poker.

Although they are not professional poker players, they still have a love for this game. And you, which game do you love?

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