Top 5 Formula-1 drivers of all time

Every season we witness the arrival of the newcomers into the Formula 1 series and almost every one of them is said to be very talented and can repeat the records of the best drivers of our time. But not every newcomer becomes a world champion, let alone a top driver.

Now we will get acquainted with those who at different times carried the proud title. It’s hard to be consistent in F1, because it is a rather unpredictable sport, which you can track by the odds of any betting operator, such as Betano (Bookmaker Ratings provides a review of this website: free betting tips). Keep that in mind while breezing through our top 5 best Formula 1 drivers in history.

Niki Lauda

Three-time World Champion, later becoming a popular commentator on the RTL sports channel in Germany. His career as a driver was very challenging, but his talent and persistence helped to overcome the difficulties.

The most famous episode happened to him at the Nurburgring in 1976, during which Lauda’s car fell off the trajectory and caught fire, hitting the fence.

Champion titles: 3
Victories: 25
Podium: 54
Pole positions: 24

Graham Hill

Regarding Graham Hill, I just want to mention the fact that this is the first British driver to win a British Touring Car Championship. Hill also, like Askari, twice became World Champion. Hill’s assets should also include the fact that he became the pilot who managed to win the prestigious race on open-wheel cars.

Champion titles: 2
Victories: 14
Podium: 36
Pole positions: 13

Ayrton Senna

Who doesn’t know the most famous Brazilian racer? Unfortunately, he was unable to finish his career and retire in good health. The San Marino track intervened in his fate. 

His main advantage was the ability to perfectly control the car on a wet and slippery track. That is why he was given the nickname, “Rain Man”. He, like no one else, anticipated the rain during the race. Oddly enough, not only fans but also journalists felt great sympathy for him.

But with the pilots, that is, rivals, he was cruel. Sometimes it was violent. But this character trait did not prevent him from saving the life of his rival, Eric Koma. While all the pilots were passing by, Senna stopped, risking his own life and turned off the engine of the Coma car so that it would not catch fire.

After his death, it turned out that Senna left all his wealth to fight poverty in Brazil. Ayrton was a man not only on the track but also in life.

Champion titles: 3
Victories: 41
Podium: 80
Pole position: 65

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is probably the best modern pilot in the last few years or even decades. Of course, the car itself plays an important role in his victories, but even in the most difficult situations, Lewis proves himself to be a cold-blooded tactician and prudent strategist.

All this could not fail to bring him many titles. And now he, along with such pilots as Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda or Ayrton Senna, can be content with the status of “Elite pilot”. 

It is with Ayrton that his driving style is compared. At the moment, Lewis continues to compete with other pilots, trying to break the timeless records of Formula 1.

It is worth mentioning the fact that although it might be time for Lewis to give up on races and let the younger drivers take his place, he continues to race at the highest level and is unlikely to think about retirement soon.

Champion titles: 6
Victories: 84
Podium: 151
Pole positions: 87

Michael Schumacher

His surname has already become a household name. Schumacher burst into Formula-1 with lightning speed, not allowing its old-timers to come to their senses. And it all started in a standard way: with karting at the age of 5. Only after making his debut at the Belgian Grand Prix in 1991, the next season, the German became a bronze medalist. And this even though his opponents were mostly drivers, about whom we talked above. After three seasons, he became the champion.

Schumacher is a seven-time world champion, which is simply an unattainable dream for many. Moreover, he owns most of the records, which may not fall short.

Unfortunately, now Michael is not doing well after falling on the ski slope. Moreover, very little and contradictory information leaks out about his health in the media. Let’s wish Michael well.

Champion titles: 7
Victories: 91
Podium: 155
Pole position: 68

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