US Legends Out of Time: Best Muscle Cars and Their Modern Descendants for Speed Lovers

When it comes to cars rare on modern roads, it is impossible to talk about any objectivity. Even an attempt to tie your rating to the horsepower can give little. Until 1972 in the United States, engine power was indicated by automakers without attachments to regular intake and exhaust systems. The power of such motors was designated in bhp (Brake Horse Power), and it is rather difficult to compare it with the usual understanding of the horsepower amount under the hood. In addition, there was no strict control of the declared power of manufactured engines in the country, which often allowed concerns to overestimate the performance of the motor. However, the car gurus from Indy Auto Man have collected a rating of the best muscle cars for the times, taking into account engine power, design, the number of items produced, and sales statistics.

Iconic Muscle Car: Dodge Charger R/T

None of the muscle cars managed to earn the honor and respect that went to the Dodge Charger R / T. This car has become a symbol and personification of the era, the golden age of street racing. Created by designer Richard Seas in 1967, the Dodge Charger would become the prototype for many cars produced in the United States in later years. And the body, whose curves look like a Coca-Cola bottle, would later be called a classic. 

Cars that came with the R / T (Road / Track) index were equipped with the most powerful engines – 440 Magnum (standard) or 426 Hemi (option). Distinctive features of the top-end Chargers are the original grille that hides the headlights and the ability to rear up. You can easily do such a trick if you press both the gas and brake pedals simultaneously at the start. The engine power was also enough to show incredible results for its time: the car took only 6.5 seconds to accelerate to sixty, and the Charger also managed to become the first car to set an absolute record for maximum speed in NASCAR races – 200 mph.

The appearance of a notorious hooligan, who at the same time is very stylish, could not go unnoticed to this day. True connoisseurs of style and speed can come to the Indy Auto Man used car dealership and take one of the modern descendants of the Dodge Charger for a test drive.

Legendary Ford Mustang: Shelby GT500 Cobra

On the second line is the brainchild of the legendary racer Carroll Shelby – Mustang Shelby, which has become almost the personification of muscle cars for all times and people. At the same time, the model is produced to this day, although it makes no sense to compare the progenitor with its descendant: 50 years of evolution have left an indelible mark on the modern model of the Ford muscle car.

The classic 1968 Mustang became the real king of the road, and that is the message Ford designers set when the first Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra hit the street. Equipped with a huge seven-liter 428 Cobra Jet engine (350-410 hp), the car was what the public was waiting for. 

Supernatural Chevrolet Impala SS

The next member of our rating hardly needs any introduction. After the shooting of the TV series Supernatural, the 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS is recognized by everyone.

The American fastback coupe with the SS (Super Sport) index was equipped with a 7-liter V8 engine with a maximum power output of 425 hp. By the way, this is one of the most expensive cars of its time – the price for them started at $5,000.

Buick GSX 

Many automotive experts love this Buick model, and some authoritative Western publications, such as Cars Magazine, even included it among their favorites. So, in 1984, the first-generation Buick GSX ranked third in the top 50 fastest muscle cars according to the Popular & Performance Car Review.

In addition to the power and impressive speed, the Buick GSX was an extremely comfortable car, unlike ordinary street racers like the Dodge Charger. The American company created one of the most balanced sports cars of the 1970s. Under the hood of the GSX was a 455 hp V8 with a torque of 690 Nm, which allowed a car of considerable weight to pick up speed easily. And due to the reduced weight of the engine and reinforced suspension, the GSX was distinguished by excellent handling, so it was not scary to drive fast not only in a straight line but also to entering turns.

Plymouth Hemi Superbird

Initially, the Plymouth brand conceived the release of the Superbird exclusively as a racing car. But in 1970, the model fell into small-scale production (only 1920 copies were produced), becoming a legend of its time. The Plymouth Hemi Superbird, driven by the famous racer Richard Petty, has repeatedly won confident victories in the NASCAR series. Although, it has not been able to get around its main competitor and relative – ​​the Dodge Daytona, on the basis of which it was built.

The sports coupe was offered in three different modifications, which differed only in engine power. The most impressive option was the V-shaped eight, which produced 425 hp. The data on the number of Hemi Superbirds items in the 425-horsepower version is somewhat different: someone claims that only 93 copies were produced, in other sources – 135. But in any case, many connoisseurs and fans of muscle cars would dream of having such a rare exhibit in their collection.

All these muscle cars are the legends of the past. But modern sports cars have everything you need to feel the power and passion of the speed racers while staying an ordinary driver. If you want to buy an affordable muscle or pony car, sports convertible, or coupe, you will find everything you need at Indy Auto Man.

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