Playing the NASCAR 2022 Playoffs

It’s playoff time again on Sunday, September 4th, the NASCAR 2022 Playoffs begin at the Cook Out Southern 500. Located in Darlington, South Carolina, this weekend’s historic race is the first of three Rounds of 16 races. This race will decide which 2022 champion can secure enough points to solidify their position in the Round of 12. Coinciding with the standard 2022 NASCAR Cup sportsbook bets, the annual playoffs are an opportunity for viewers and bettors alike to wager on the winner of this year’s tournament grid.

Following last week’s wild race at Daytona, we saw Austin Dillion take his first season win and secure his spot into the 2022 Playoffs. The race wasn’t without its fair share of upsets, as fans saw a massive 13-car pileup on turn one and multiple other wrecks throughout the rainy day. As a result, NASCAR enthusiasts saw many big names such as McDowell, Truex, and Keselowski fail to secure their position in the playoffs. The 2022 NASCAR Cup Playoffs’ tournament board is locked-in, and now is time to place bets and wagers on what’s to come. Get involved with the excitement over at GGBet bookmaker ( to begin profiting from sportsbooks bets today.

Player Synopsis

Whether it is just a wager between friends or money is on the line within the exciting world of motorsports sportsbook bets, understanding the players on the field is integral for success. Anyone who stands to profit from the 2022 Playoffs will benefit from understanding the key players involved.

Chase Elliot

Elliot is no stranger to NASCAR success and has proven to be ruthlessly capable of securing wins. Elliot is a strong contender to go the distance within the playoffs. As fans saw last year, Elliot made it all the way to the final race in Phoenix and won the 2020 playoffs. Currently, the series leader is not favored (+700) to win this upcoming race accounting for additional stress during playoff races.

Kyle Larson

As 2021’s playoff winner and cup champion, Kyle Larson has proven himself a part of the strongest drivers in NASCAR history. Larson’s 2021 NASCAR Cup was a phenomenal performance allowing for a full NASCAR sweep. This prolific driver is the man to look out for in the coming race, and Larson has proven to perform well under intense pressure and is favored (+600) to go all the way.

Denny Hamlin

That last key player overviewed in this article is none other than Denny Hamlin himself. In this upcoming weekend’s race, fans will likely see a fantastic performance with a favored (+600) victory. Hamlin is an exceptional driver at the Darlington Raceway, securing four previous wins at the track. He is also no stranger to the playoffs and has frequently been a part of the final four and could look to secure his first playoff victory this year.

Hedging Bets

Profiting with the NASCAR Playoffs is a fantastic method to become more involved in the NASCAR scene, and even newcomers can stand to win big with proper preparation. As mentioned before, a key to successful motorsports sportsbook betting is utilizing driver knowledge. Knowledge along with analyzing driver performance history and track history will provide bettors with the most likely outcomes of any given event, tournament grid included. The NASCAR 2022 Cup still has plenty to offer this season, remember to play intelligently and responsibly to make it one to remember.

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