The Influence of Your Car’s Colour on Its Reselling Value

There cannot be any confusion that several factors affect a car’s resale value—the car’s make and model, its age and condition, etc. In general, newer and luxurious cars will have a higher value than older or lower-end models. However, well-maintained cars can be an exception and command a reasonable price, even if they’re not the latest model. Ultimately, it comes down to a specific vehicle and market conditions. If you decide to sell your car, you will want to keep these factors in mind to know why a particular make or model has such a price tag. But did you know that the choice of colour of the car can also contribute to its high price range?

When you visit used car dealerships in Calgary, you can take advantage of this factor when selling your old vehicle. So, let’s see what Canadians prefer.

In-demand used car colours!

Silver cars lost steam from the next half of the 2000s, and white shade suddenly grew in popularity. However, studies show that yellow and orange vehicles maintain their value. Hence, if you sell a car in these two shades, you can expect the dealer to offer a better price. You may wonder about the logic behind this. One of the simple reasons is that most cars come in black or white paint, so the market for these standard colours always remains competitive. But orange or yellow are rare breeds, giving dealers more bargaining authority. People who love these shades can be willing to pay a little extra for this single quality. Another factor that makes these bright colours more attractive is their energetic vibe.

Still, you cannot depend on a specific trend because it will evolve. Preferences may also vary. For example, some studies show that blue and black cars are doing better in Canada. Also, if you listen to automotive experts, you will find them talking in favour of the animated colour variations while adding that white will always be the timeless choice.

Vehicle colour’s influence on resale price 

People who enjoy off-road driving like to buy 4WD vehicles or SUVs because they offer high control and traction both in off- and on-road conditions. While the popularity of this specific variety attracts many buyers, you may still not get the high price for it because of the competition. Most users look for black colour in this, due to which the market size for black SUVs has increased. Even if there is a leaning toward vibrant shades, most still stick with neutral colours. They believe it can affect their resale price. However, if you own a sports-type car, the bright shades can give you an edge.

If you need to use free tools for some guidance in decision-making, don’t hesitate. You may account for this factor when you sell your car to a dealer. Or, if you plan to buy a used car from an agency, make sure you opt for a colour that is popular in your area’s market. This little detail will go a long way in both situations, whether you are a pre-owned car buyer or seller. At the same time, make sure you are fair with your assessment.

Some more exciting insights on car’s colours

Knowing a few pieces of information can help you negotiate better when you approach a dealership to sell your car. For example, a vehicle’s safety and its colour can be integral to each other. A recent study shows that some colours have lower collision risks than others. According to the experts, white provides almost 12% more safety than black models because of the visibility factors. You can notice this shade in any weather condition. The tint will be hard to miss, whether there is light or complete darkness.

Another popular choice can be yellow after white and black. Others can notice this shade even from a distance. Then, orange is also safer and may not pose a higher accident risk for its strong visibility factor. As mentioned, it is rare, so you can expect the dealership to offer a better deal. Likewise, some feel gold is a sought-after option as it tends to be easily visible during darkness. If you check the survey by Reader’s Digest, you will learn that bright colours are having a moment, but most car owners in the country want to keep it discreet. They don’t like to get noticed. Even popular car brands reveal that white and black are still the highest-selling cars.

Again, colour is just one of the several elements that stand for the safety and performance of the car. So, you cannot be unrealistic about your expectations. When you negotiate for selling your old vehicle, you can use it as a point and ask the dealer if they accounted for this and how much. Don’t try to leverage it too much when there are more critical aspects to assess. 

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