Former NASCAR driver sues Virginia governor

Hermie Sadler, formerly a famous NASCAR racer, has initiated a lawsuit with the governor of Virginia over a pending gambling ban. The fact is that the former pilot owns several truck stops in the state, as well as a dozen restaurants. And each of these locations has slot machines, in which customers actively spend their time.

According to Hermie’s claims, he would lose more than $750,000 if the ban went into effect.

Sadler also finds it illogical that everything in the state is moving toward legalizing gambling, but the machines of the type placed in his parking lots, the state is preparing to ban. The state is even expected to legalize online casinos. For now, only unlicensed gambling sites that attract customers through no deposit casino bonuses are available to Virginia residents who do not pay taxes to the treasury.

Sadler doesn’t forget to mention that during the pandemic, it was small and medium-sized businesses that helped the country with the taxes that proved so important in sustaining the United States through difficult times. And now the government wants to take most of the revenue away from small businesses.

Note that slot machines in parking lots, gas stations, and roadside restaurants are a common theme in the United States. And until recently, their location was not regulated in any way by the state. Last year, the governor of Virginia drafted a bill under which such machines must now be licensed and thus be taxed. This law was in effect for one year to help small businesses get back on their feet and not shut down during tough pandemic times.

But soon, that period will expire, and therefore the machines will become illegal, and their owners will have to remove them from public places.

Sadler, on the other hand, believes that the government must allow small businesses to make money in any way they can; otherwise, they simply will not survive.

As a reminder, gambling was legalized in Virginia in 2020, but only in five cities. Gambling is prohibited in the rest of the state.

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