9 Essential Accessories of Tesla Model 3 You Should Know About

There are thousands of Tesla 3 models on the road. When a person gets a new Tesla Model 3, she finds the car fairly well equipped. However, it still needs a few accessories. If you need accessories for your Tesla Model 3, then you need to read this guide. This guide outlines the accessories to enhance the look of your new Model 3.

Car Mats

With fancy and attractive car and trunk mats, new or existing owners can make the interior of their Model 3 look nice. The Tesla Model 3 does not come with attractive mats, and the company has not given much importance to the mats for the Model 3. Some owners claim that the original mats are thin and move aroundYou can have carpet mats and also custom-made rubber mats for your Tesla.

Front Trunk Mat

In addition to car mats and trunk mats for the Tesla Model 3, you can also have mats for the front trunk. Again, you can get them customized. 

Screen Protector

To keep the large screen in the center of the dashboard safe, a screen protector is a must. The screen protector sits on the glass and is barely noticeable. It can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, something you should do carefully with the original screen. 

Center Console Liner

The original center console of the Tesla Model 3 is usually covered in a high-gloss lacquer. However, this makes it very obvious that it is made of plastic. For this reason, many Tesla owners choose a center console liner. This gives your console a more luxurious, matte look. This finish, called “piano lacquer” by some, is very prone to dirt build-up. Handprints are immediately visible, and fingerprints are even worse. Thanks to the console liner, you can give your Tesla the style you want. Many people even cover the dashboard. 

Door Sill

In addition to screen protectors and console trim, many people use custom trim to protect their chrome door sill. Trims are easy to fit and protect the chrome on the door sill from scratches.

Wireless Phone Charger

The wireless phone charger allows you to charge two phones at once without cables. In addition to that, the wireless charger is compatible with all phones that use Qi technology. You’ll have to empty your pockets if you buy it directly from Tesla. Compatible chargers are much cheaper.

Center Console Organizer

A clean and organized console is a must for most Tesla drivers. Thanks to the multifunctional organizers, your console will always be tidy. We also have various dashboard organizers at your disposal. The interior of the Tesla is extremely slippery. So everything will be on the dashboard or in the center console, thanks to the organizer.

Roof Racks

Going on vacation and need more space for your luggage? Roof racks are the first thing that will come to mind. Unfortunately, the Model 3 does not have a roof rack. Therefore, you can get one.

Roof Sunshade

The sunshade is one of the products that you should not miss. The accessory not only provides thermal insulation but also protects against UV rays. The installation is also very simple; you just have to use the hooks to connect it to the car roof joints.


Before purchasing an accessory, you should check its compatibility with the Tesla Model 3. There are several universal products, but it is highly recommended to check the information on said accessories. 

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