Declutter and Organize Your Garage through These 4 Ideas

A garage is mostly designed to keep cars safe. But most people don’t have enough garage space to park a vehicle. This is because colorbond garages mostly serve as storage space.

Although a garage is a perfect place to keep things you don’t need daily, it shouldn’t be in a mess. With the following ideas, you can easily declutter and organize it:

  1. Consider Getting Storage Solutions

Buy several storage solutions and organize items once you declutter your garage. Once you know what you want to store, decide on the quantity and size of your garage.

Although organizing is a cleansing process, the results will provide a pleasing visual. This is especially true in areas like garages, which you don’t regard as stylish.

In order to achieve the goal, experts recommend that you opt for storage solutions. Ensure the storage solutions are functional and look good.

  1. Do Away with Everything You Don’t Want to Keep

To keep up the space right away, consider donating, discarding, or selling things you don’t want to keep. You can eliminate unwanted things by organizing a garage sale, hiring trash containers, or going to charity organizations.

If you don’t want to waste time getting rid of debris by yourself, you can opt to hire trash removalists to dispose of and collect the garage effectively. You can also make the process much easier when you rent dumpsters at With a dumpster rental, you can easily and quickly get rid of your unwanted items and have them taken away for you.

Consider a dumpster size that offers a good fit for a variety of projects, the 20-yard dumpster is the middle size and is great for typical projects such as entire home decluttering projects, garage and basement cleanouts, home renovations, dirt removal, and getting rid of large furniture.

  1. Get Shelves

Based on the garage’s layout, you might want to have shelves on hand to keep things, such as holiday decorations, paint cans, or other small items.

Open shelves can force you to be more organized compared to closed cabinets. Plus, they provide less haven for critters and bugs.

If you plan to use open shelves, keeping items in metal or plastic bins, which are labeled, will help to keep things more organized and simple to find.

If you also consider hanging shelves using a shelf bracket that is meant to hold clothes rods, you can have extra storage to keep your items. These brackets normally have J-shaped hooks, making them a perfect place to keep things like step stools or weed eaters.

  1. Create a Good Floor Plan

You can start creating a good floor plan by measuring the garage space. Take note of all the fixtures, like stairs, doors, and windows.

Draft a good floor plan on graph paper. This will help you visualize the garage as you create a floor plan.

As you organize the garage, consider grouping items by type. Be sure also to give every type a specific place.

For example, you can put sporting items in one corner, woodworking tools at the back wall, and gardening in the other corner.

In a Nutshell!

As far as storage space in a home is concerned, there are only places far much better than garages. But the greatest issue with many garages is that they are mostly in a big mess. Most families are not even able to park their vehicles in a garage. If you have such a garage, then it is high time to declutter and organize it with the help of these ideas.

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