10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New

A car is an expensive investment, so you want to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible. However, cars are often exposed to elements such as road salt and harsh weather that diminish your vehicle’s appearance and value. If you recently purchased a new or used car, here are 10 tips to keep it looking brand new and maintain your machine’s value.

  1. Wash your car regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your automobile looking brand new is by hand washing it regularly. Washing the car enables you to remove grime, dirt, debris, bird droppings, salt, and insect guts, among other impurities that could ruin the vehicle over time. 

Be sure to handwash your car at least once every two weeks or once each week if you do not have a busy schedule. You should also pick the appropriate soap for cleaning your vehicle. Avoid detergents that may be too harsh on the car’s paint.

Consider using a different cloth to clean the wheels when cleaning the car. This ensures you do not rub brake dust into the surface. If you notice your vehicle’s paint is not as lustrous as it should be or has scratches when washing it, contact Curbside Detail for paint correction. 

  1. Wax your car

Washing your car is not enough. Consider adding a coat of wax to your vehicle to give it a shiny appearance. Waxing the car also helps protect your car’s original paint job. This is because wax acts as a protective layer between the car and foreign substances, meaning contaminants like grime, UV rays, dirt, and bird dropping cannot damage the paint when they come into contact with your automobile. 

Be sure to thoroughly clean the vehicle before applying wax. If you use wax on a car with a layer of dust, you will likely work the dust into the clearcoat and build scratches that wear away the final finish. You should also protect areas like mirrors, cracks, jambs, trims, and moldings, to mention a few when waxing. If wax seeps into these areas, it results in stains that could become permanent. You should also not add a coat of wax to your car under the sun.

  1. Park your car wisely

Where you park your car can have a significant impact on its appearance. For instance, while keeping your vehicle under a tree for shade makes it cool, it is susceptible to bird droppings. Bird droppings often ruin the automobile’s finish and paint. Parking in busy streets could also result in other road users hitting your vehicle with their bikes, causing lasting damage. For these reasons, you should be mindful of where you park. Be sure to park your car in open spaces or opt for garage parking. 

  1. Avoid car washes

Taking your automobile to a car wash seems like a convenient way to keep your machine looking brand new and clean. However, some commercial car washes use stiff brushes and detergents that could harm your vehicle’s paint job. Opt to clean your car yourself. If you must go to a car wash, research the detergents, equipment, and water the entity uses to keep your vehicle safe.

  1. Change windshield wipers regularly

Most car owners often forget windshield wipers during vehicle maintenance. However, windshield wipers are critical to keeping your vehicle’s front window clean. Blades usually wear out over time. This results in leaving streaks and marks on the windshield. Spots and marks do not only harm the visual appeal of your car from the inside and outside. They could also obstruct your view, resulting in accidents. Consider replacing the windshield wipers every six months. This keeps the windshield looking brand new and lets you see rain better when driving. 

  1. Invest in car wrap

An effective way to change your vehicle’s appearance without impacting its resale value is by investing in a car wrap. A car wrap allows you to give your automobile a new look without making the change permanent. It is also a great option if you want to change the look of your car, but the colors you are interested in are not available. With a car wrap, you could change your vehicle’s look into any of your preferred colors and get rid of the wrap at your convenience. What’s more? Car wraps are also more affordable than a new paint job, so they are perfect when working under a tight budget. 

  1. Invest in a high-quality car cover

Invest in an outdoor car cover if you park outside and an indoor protective covering if your vehicle spends most of its time in your garage. A car cover protects your automobile from harmful elements like dirt, debris, UV rays, and grime, to mention a few, enabling you to maintain its finish. When shopping for your car’s protective covering, opt for a high-quality, custom-fitted vehicle covering. General car covers could let grime, dust, and dirt through, harming your automobile’s paint.

  1. Use clay bar

Treating your vehicle’s body with a clay bar is an effective and safe way to give it a slick, lustrous finish. Clay bars help you remove grit, dust, and grime, among other contaminants that may have bonded with your car’s paint. This enables polish and wax to adhere appropriately to your vehicle, giving it the desired shine. 

  1. Care for your vehicle’s interior

Maintaining a clean interior is critical to saving your automobile’s value over time. Be sure to vacuum the carpet and seats regularly, wipe surfaces to prevent corrosive damage, and change air filters to improve your car’s breathing quality. 

  1. Professional service

If you notice any imperfections, such as dents and scratches, on your automobile, consider taking it to a professional auto body detailer. Professional detailers can correct the defects, making your car look brand new. Conduct in-depth research, request referrals, and read reviews to find a trustworthy, experienced auto body detailer to work on your vehicle.


Keeping your car looking brand new helps you maintain its value and reduce repair and maintenance costs. Wash your car regularly, invest in car wraps and covers, park wisely, and find professional service to maintain your automobile’s shine and polish. 

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