Best Dirt Bike Upgrades for Improving Overall Performance

A dirt bike promises a wild and thrilling experience. However, the more you use your dirt bike, the feeling will start to fade away. This is mostly because, with time, your bike will start losing some of its finesse. So you’ll find it necessary to make certain upgrades.

Here are the best dirt bike upgrades that can help you improve the bike’s overall performance and make it last a long time.


The suspension in a dirt bike is of vital importance. A good suspension will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. It can absorb whatever shock comes at it during the ride and will still stand strong. A bad suspension, on the other hand, will make your dirt biking experience miserable.

By upgrading the suspension, you’ll be able to enhance your bike’s performance almost immediately. It’s a change that everyone commits to whenever they feel like it. Many people will upgrade the stock suspension for a more improved version.

Triple clamps, fork seals, linkage, and shocks are some of the crucial parts of the suspension in your bike that you might consider changing.

Intake system

The intake system comprises your bike’s air filter and airbox which ensures a clean and steady flow of air that is then mixed with the fuel and burnt for the engine to run. The intake system is the most important part of your dirt bike. Without it, the bike can’t run. Given the conditions dirt bikes are ridden on, it’s natural for the air filters to get clogged up with dirt. Hence, you need to clean them regularly. Upgrading to a new air filter or the entire intake system might also be necessary, from time to time.

Without a proper intake system, your dirt bike’s engine won’t run efficiently. The oil inside it will also start accumulating impurities, which in turn will lead to more problems. You, therefore, should consider checking in on the intake system after you’re done riding for the day, and see if you need to clean or change it.

Improving the combustion cycle is a surefire way to get more out of your carbureted motor, and Boyesen has been a leader in easily installed intake parts, showing improved torque curves on 2 and 4 stroke motors!

Exhaust system

The factory exhaust systems are good, but they’re not usually of the best kind. You’ll probably have to upgrade it after some time. This upgrade needs to be made a lot quicker if you’re changing the engine or adding more horsepower to it.

Like the intake system, the exhaust system of your bike is important as well. It’s necessary to release the fumes as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the engine can function properly. 

A new exhaust system will enhance the horsepower of your engine greatly. It’ll also add a new look to the bike and will make it sound more soulful. By letting go of the fumes, exhaust systems make sure that you’re not wasting fuel, and instead, are getting the most out of it.

Chain or sprocket

Changing the sprocket or chain is a comparatively cheaper upgrade for your dirt bike, but still a necessary one. 

A non-O-chain is fitting for dirt bikes that are used for motocross. An aluminum version of this chain is perfect for the sport. It helps keep the bike light and fast. O-ring chains are good for off-roading, but not for motocross. O-rings are known to create drag, which is something you wouldn’t want in any race.

Bike controls

No matter how powerful your engine is or how good the exhaust system is, none of it will matter if you can’t control your dirt bike properly. And in order to do so, you’ll need quality controls at your fingertips. 

Everything from comfort to handling depends on these controls. Over time, your bike’s controls will start feeling stiff and difficult to use. That’s when you know that an upgrade is necessary.

Handlebars, grips, levers, footpegs, etc. are the controls you’ll have to change. Once the upgrades are done, your bike will feel as good as new. You can then ride it with full confidence, and don’t have to worry about getting into an accident just because your handlebars were stiff.

Now that you know what you should be doing, it’s time to get started on those upgrades. Seek professional help if you can’t do everything on your own. However, never attempt to make any sort of modifications on your dirt bike without knowing what you’re doing.

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