8 Reasons To Spend A Weekend In Nature

If you’re tired of the bustling city, a weekend in nature can become a great idea. Firstly, you will be able to see new beautiful places, and secondly, you will receive benefits for your health.

So, get in your car (or if you do not have it, you can rent it. If you ask Where to rent a Land Rover near me?, as Range Rover Sport is an ideal choice for a weekend outside the city, you can apply to RealCar New York), and go exploring unfamiliar territory with family or friends. Here’re the top 8 reasons why you should definitely add such activity to your life.

Anxiety Reduction

Numerous studies have shown that spending time outdoors has a very positive effect on health – it promotes peace of mind and reduces stress levels. Fresh air and sounds of nature such as birdsong and foliage noise act as the best antidepressants and stress relievers. Being in nature helps to lower cortisol levels, not only while you are there, but also over the next few days. Breathing in the fresh air helps you get in touch with your thoughts and emotions and makes you feel calmer and happier.

Stimulation Of Creative Processes

No matter what type of outdoor rest you choose (it can be both active recreation and sports, or a lazy weekend), you will see how your desire to work and create will increase and you will be happier to start a new work week. Do not forget to take beautiful pictures to remember from your vacation.

Natural Vitamins

In cold seasons, many are deficient in vitamin D, which is also called the solar vitamin. So, outdoor weekends are a great choice to help your body produce this important vitamin. Also, clean air actively saturates the body with oxygen, improves metabolism, and restores efficiency. An additional bonus will be improved vision since you will spend less time with your gadgets.


What kind of life do you lead on weekdays? If you do not exercise much, then a weekend outside the city will help you improve your health and burn excess calories. Walking is very beneficial – it will help increase your heart rate and improve blood circulation in the body. If you have a dog, then you can run around with it a lot – both you and your pet will get a charge of positive emotions and a good mood.

Improved Brain Abilities

Time in nature improves our mental abilities and helps us focus. It can be very difficult for city dwellers to concentrate because every day they receive a huge amount of various city noise and information. This often leads to an irritable mood and excessive temper. Try to regularly surround yourself with nature and you will see how your mental and physical health will change for the better.

Improved Memory

Recent studies have also shown that people who spend a lot of time outdoors, and especially those who walk a lot, have a better memory than those who live in metropolitan areas who very rarely leave the city. This is a great reason to get out of town or city and enjoy nature at least occasionally.

You Can Learn Something New

It’s never too late to have a new hobby. For example, maybe you have always been interested in photography, but you have not found inspiration in your weekdays. A weekend in nature can be a great start for such an activity. You don’t have to buy professional equipment. Try to start with photos using your smartphone. In the future, you will be able to fill your family albums with a lot of beautiful pictures.

Rethinking Life And Internal Attitudes

When we lie on the grass and listen to the singing of birds and the rustle of leaves, we involuntarily think about our life, our relationship with other people, goals, and our inner feelings. In such an environment, we can think and decide what we did wrong or what actions need to be reviewed.

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