Here’s What You Must Know About Southern Indiana Transportation, Maps, Toll Roads and Bridges Before Travelling

If you don’t know, Southern Indiana is often chanted as a staunch part of the lower Midwest and the Upland South. Therefore, most people are aware that Southern Indiana was one of the first areas of the state to be provided and Indiana’s first capital made its spot near the Ohio River in Harrison County. No wonder, the history of this region has fascinated many and continues to compel people to visit it. As soon as people flock to this state, they are taken back to the pristine environment and see the amazing places in this state. 

So if you have decided to set off on an exciting journey to this state, you will never regret this choice. After all, it allows you to have a pleasant experience of everything and let yourself loose. It’s a simple breeze that has an abundance of new brides, which were completed in 2016/17 subsequently. This connects people from Lousiville as well. Also known as the second street bridge, The Clark memorial bridge is a great site in Ohio that allows northbound travelers to easily connect with Jeffersonville and Clarksville. 

Some of the popular spots are Northbound, Abraham Lincoln Bridge, and South Bound. On the other hand, you also get to see the John F Kennedy Memorial Bridge that has been tolled. Furthermore, there are 64 accesses to the new Albany and the Floyd Country through the Sherman Bridge. You also get to access the SoIN through Louisville’s East End. Before venturing out, don’t forget to acknowledge the importance of the I-294 Tolls Map, which is central to making you connect with the desired locations. 

Tolls on Ohio River Bridges

For your information, the Ohio River Bridge is a community project that is the result of 3 decades of discussion. Therefore, when you come across the Ohio rover bridges, you will find that 3 out of the 5 bridges can connect Louisville to Floyd and Clark counties, which are toll bridges. Because tolling is automatic, travelers don’t have to stop for long hours in line. In fact, there are no coin tickets, no toll booths and one doesn’t have to stop for long. River link is responsible for handling the tolling process, which is an E-Z pass affiliate. Secondly, if drivers have prepaid and transponder accounts, they will have to pay the lowest toll rates. 

Here is a list of the tolled and non-tolled bridges here:

Tolled Bridges

  • Lewis and Clark Bridge
  • Abraham Lincoln Bridge
  • John F.Kennedy Memorial Bridge

Non-Tolled Bridges

  • Clark Memorial Bridge
  • Sherman Minton Bridge

What is The Time Zone?

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you will know that Indiana follows Eastern time. Here, they arrive much earlier in March and will quickly fall back by the month of November. This can easily manipulate the clocks and make things go ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to know:
Eastern Standard Time: Runs from November to March
Eastern Daylight Time: Runs From March to November

What to do in Southern Indiana? 

If you have never been to Southern Indiana, your tour is going to be very exciting. Known for housing some of the oldest tolls and bridges, Southern Indiana has incredible tourist attractions. Once you visit this place, you must sift through the French Lick Resort. It is chanted as one of the top 50 spots in the world.  You will also get to find all luxuries combined in one place. Once you go there, the historic hotels will allow you to dig deeper into the basic culture. 

Secondly, you must also visit the Marengo Cave, which is located on the Southside of this state. Though it is privately owned, it still allows you to check out some of the oldest caves in the world. On the other hand, the national Landmark spreads over several acres that are the perfect amalgamation of beautiful stalactites. Once you decide to go there, don’t forget to follow the maps, so you can rightfully arrive at the destination. Secondly, don’t forget to acknowledge the importance of getting in touch with a guide, if you don’t know exactly where you have to go. So now is the perfect time to go there. 

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