The 5 Most Sought After Used or New SxS Parts

The SXS market is booming, with many new players entering this field daily. The most sought-after used or new SXS parts combine quality and affordability. If you’re looking to replace your stock SXS parts with something new and improved or just buy a used part for your personal use, then these are the five most sought-after used or new SXS parts:

1. Spare Tire Mount

The spare tire mount is a metal bracket that holds your spare tire. It is usually attached to the rear of the vehicle but can also be found on the top or in the back of the trunk. The purpose of this part is to secure one end of a spare tire to your vehicle so you can use it if needed.

Spare tire mounts come in several different shapes and sizes depending on when they were made, but they all have some things in common:

• They are made from steel (or another sturdy material), so they can hold up under heavy stress

• They have holes for bolts where a jack will fit into place when you are changing out your flat tires

2. Front Windshield

The front windshield is one of the most common parts to break side by side. However, it is easy to replace, so you don’t have to go without your vehicle for long. You can also find used or new front windshields online at any collection of SxS parts websites, making it easy to get the right part for your vehicle.

Replacing a front windshield is straightforward as long as you have access to basic tools and instructions. It will take less than an hour from start to finish; all that’s required is removing five screws, prying out two plastic clips (with a flathead screwdriver), popping in the new part, and securing it with those same five screws.

3. Roof

The roof of a bow is almost as important as the limbs themselves, and it is an often overlooked area in terms of performance and aesthetics. Roofs can be made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar depending on what you are looking for.

The most popular roof material is fiberglass because it’s affordable, durable, and easy to work with. However, while carbon fiber roofs offer better performance than their counterparts due to their lower weight, they tend to be more expensive due to manufacturing costs. On the other hand, kevlar roofs are lightweight but expensive, considering how heavy they are compared to other materials used for bows’ “tops.”

Roofs are made-to-order so if you have something specific in mind when purchasing one, then make sure it has been pre-ordered by your local retailer before going there!

4. Rear Windshield

The rear windshield is a common part that breaks on side-by-side vehicles. It can happen in accidents or just through everyday use. The good news is that it’s easy to repair if you have the right tools and parts.

The rear windshields are available in used and new versions. In addition, both glass or polycarbonate rear panels are available in stock for most models at low prices, guaranteed to save you money over other dealers’ prices on used or new SxS parts.

5. Skid Plates

Skid plates help to protect the engine, transmission, and fuel tank from rocks and other debris thrown up by tires. Skid plates are useful for off-road driving but are also available for street use. Skid plates can be made of metal or plastic and are available for many different SxS models.


Some sellers can be generous with their prices but offer low-quality products, while others will charge more than necessary just because they think people will pay it without thinking twice. Don’t fall into this trap by paying too much money for something that doesn’t meet all your expectations or needs; always consider all aspects before making such an important decision. 

When choosing what you want to buy, keep in mind the quality to ensure that the part doesn’t work well and lasts long and the cost. Knowing some of the most sought-after used or new SxS Parts in the market is important.

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