How to Get Your UTV Ready for Summer

UTV summer rides are fun and exciting. Going through the trails involves lifting, pushing down, and turning the steering wheels or handles when traversing the rugged off-road, which acts as a form of workout. Riding your UTV or side-by-side during summer enables you to get a dose of Vitamin D, improving the immunity system and ensuring healthy bones. Preparing your UTV is key to making the most of your ride during the warm season. Discussed below are five ways to get your UTV ready for summer.

  1. Upgrade and get the necessary UTV accessories

UTV accessories can potentially enhance your ride’s safety, performance, and comfort. Others help customize your vehicle for the best off-roading experience. Some of the UTV parts to consider include:

  • A skid plate: It safeguards your vehicle’s undercarriage, which houses vital components like engine parts, exhaust system, and gearbox from the obstacles on your trail, reducing the risk of time-consuming and costly repairs
  • Exhaust upgrades: Aftermarket exhausts minimize the backpressure, letting your engine discharge gasses more efficiently while breathing better, boosting acceleration
  • Engine enhancements: Consider fortifying the UTV’s engine with better-quality engine tuning kits, fuel optimizers, and air intakes for significant fuel economy, torque, and horsepower. This allows for a more powerful, smoother ride
  • Custom tires and wheels: They transform your ride’s performance and appearance while ensuring they’re suitable for your preferred terrain
  1. Conduct pre-ride inspections

Conducting pre-ride inspections is key to spotting issues and getting them fixed for smooth summer rides. Your UTV’s pre-ride inspection can include:

  • Visual inspection: It involves looking for signs of damage or wear and tear that might lead to issues later on
  • Lights and electrical connections: Ensure all the taillights and headlights are working well and that the electrical connections are in proper working condition
  • Test the controls: Before taking your UTV for a summer ride, test the accelerator, throttle, and brakes to rule out abnormal vibrations or sounds
  • Fluid checks: Check the fuel, transmission fluid, and other fluids to ascertain there aren’t any leaks or other noticeable concerns   
  1. Check the tires and ensure the correct tire pressure

Your ride’s tires are vital for its vital performance. As such, you should check for excessive wear symptoms before the start of the summer season. Assess them closely to determine if there’s uneven tread wear or sidewall cracks. Consider replacing the tires if they’re becoming bald. Check the tread for embedded objects and remove them. Before airing the UTV’s tires, look at the current tire pressure, then inflate them to align with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Get a roof

A UTV roof is an invaluable addition when getting your ride ready for summer because the season comes with a lot of sunshine, intense heat, and warm weather. A roof blocks the sun and offers you shade regardless of where you ride, resulting in more comfort. Since there are various UTV roof sizes and types, research can help you find the best option for your ride.

  1. Replace the UTV’s windshield

Your UTV’s windshield is a vital component of off-road adventure. It acts as the principal barrier against unexpected elements you might encounter on your journey. Replacing your ride’s windshield reduces the risk of obstructed views. If your windshield is compromised with chips, cracks, and other damages, it can pose severe risks. Replacing your UTV’s windshield enhances your safety while on the trail.


Preparing your UTV for summer is key to ensuring smooth, safe, and comfortable rides. Consider implementing these tips when getting your UTV ready for summer.

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