NASCAR’s Losing Streak – Will They Make Changes?

After a week of tremendous joy with David Ragan slaying the giant on Sunday, things got a little testy on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. First, NASCAR’s Chief Appellate Officer, John Middlebrook, weakened NASCAR’s penalties to Penske Racing’s No. 2 and No, 22 teams.

Sprint Media Day Day Three – Penske Racing

The last stop on Day Three of the Sprint Media Tour found the media heading to Mooresville, North Carolina, to visit Penske racing. Fresh off a Sprint Cup Championship with Brad Keselowski winning the prize, things were still being improved and changed in the organization.

Keselowski Is For Real

A couple of years ago, I had to wonder what Roger Penske was thinking. I mean, giving Brad Keselowski a ride in a great car? What was he thinking? Here was the guy who hit everything but the pace car in the Nationwide Series, won a race at Talladega by punting Carl Edwards into the stands, and cussed like a sailor. The Captain had to be crazy. Crazy like a fox.

The New Keselowski – Can He Win It All?

Fans used to be split on Brad Keselowski. Some loved him, especially when he drove for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Nationwide team. The kid who hit everyone but the pace car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, riled the feathers of drivers and even got Carl Edwards airborne at Talladega (and had a few run-ins with Cousin Carl thereafter) has grown up, put on his best face and become a fan favorite.

Dodge Leaves and Allmendinger Comes Clean

What a day for news! Today we learned that the Dodge brand will disappear from NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series at the end of the year. It’s not the first time for Dodge. They left back in 1977, only to return in 2001.

Has NASCAR Destroyed A.J.’s Career?

Maybe a career has been destroyed. Just like the teacher I once knew who was accused of unthinkable acts, lost his job, but exonerated. It didn’t make much difference.

Why Did Matt Kenseth Leave?

As my father used to say, "I’d have liked to have been a little birdie". We will probably never know what was discussed in that verbal intercourse between Jack Roush and his points-leading driver, Matt Kenseth. But whatever it was saw one of the best drivers in the sport head for Joe Gibbs Racing (or so they say).

The Smart Money’s On Busch to RPM…Or Not

After the continuing activity during this off-season, I have but one conclusion. You just never know what is going to happen.

Kurt Busch Out at Penske, Who Will Replace Him?

Kurt Busch is no longer the driver of the No. 22 Dodge. The dismissal will be immediately and leaves the Penske organization without a driver for their highly sponsored stock car

A Memorial Day To Remember: The 52nd Coca-Cola 600

The Coca-Cola 600 is a race where sometimes the strangest things can happen. That's what the great races in any series are. And it is no different in NASCAR's longest race.

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